OJSC Kubanenergo
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Ensuring Safety of Company Facilities

The Company’s work for ensuring the anti-terrorist safety of OJSC Kubanenergo facilities is guided by regulations of the Russian Federation and the Krasnodar Territory, as well as decisions of the Company's management bodies.

Measures for improving anti-terrorist and anti-sabotage protection of the power facilities of OJSC Kubanenergo were defined as a priority direction of the Company by the Board of Directors on 05.08.2010 (Minutes No.94/2010).

The following measures were fulfilled in 2014 in order to ensure the safe functioning of power facilities:

  • local normative acts of the Company were issued and are being accurately carried out in respect of improving the level of anti-terrorist protection at facilities and the actions to be taken by employees upon discovery of suspicious objects or signs of a terrorist nature;
  • the technical condition of engineering technical protection systems at facilities of the Company is studied on a regular basis, including at the Network Management Center;
  • the level of protection of power facilities is checked jointly with representatives of law enforcement agencies;
  • unscheduled inspections are performed to check the performance of private security service employees guarding power production facilities;
  • actions on anti-terrorist protection at energy production facilities were included in the long-term investment program for 2015–2020;
  • weekly briefings of duty dispatchers and operational staff were conducted on outreach activities in the case of evidence of a terrorist nature at power facilities of the Company;
  • drills were carried out in all branches of the Company on the actions to be taken by staff upon discovery of unauthorized objects or persons at the facilities;
  • plans for joint action of the Company and law enforcement agencies of the Krasnodar Territory and the Republic of Adygea in the event of an emergency were developed; corresponding interaction plans were developed and coordinated;
  • the Company's personnel access documents and vehicle passes were exchanged. Particular attention was paid to the issue of passes to employees and vehicles of subsidiaries and affiliates (S&A) of JSC Russian Grids entering the Sochi Energy District.

In close cooperation with the territorial bodies of the Russian FSB and the Russian Interior Ministry, the safety of power facilities during the XXII Olympic Winter Games and XI Paralympic Winter Games 2014 was ensured.

During the 2014 Olympic Games, the Integrated Operational Safety Monitoring Complex (IOSMC) operated at the facilities of OJSC Kubanenergo proved highly efficient. The IOSMC currently enables the use of technical means of protection to constantly monitor the security of facilities of the Company against unlawful interference.