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Corporate Secretary

In order to comply with the procedures for convening and holding General Meetings of Shareholders, to arrange the performance of the Board of Directors, and to ensure an effective dialog between major participants of the corporate management system, OJSC Kubanenergo has established a position of the Corporate Secretary to be elected by the Board of Directors *.

Starting from 20.07.2011, the functions of the Corporate Secretary of the Company have been performed by the Chief Specialist of the Department for Corporate Governance and Shareholder Relations with the Shareholders of OJSC Kubanenergo, Olga Vladimirovna Russu, born in 1967, having higher education in economics and jurisprudence.

* Functions, appointment procedures and termination of powers, rights and obligations of the Corporate Secretary are specified in the Regulations on the Corporate Secretary approved by the Board of Directors (published on the website at www.kubanenergo.ru, in section About the Company / Constituent and in-house documents).