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Social Responsibility

Concern for the welfare of its employees is one of the priorities of the social policy OJSC Kubanenergo.

The basic principles of the social policy of OJSC Kubanenergo consist in the creation of comfortable labor and recreation conditions for employees, increasing their social security, and improvement of labor and social relations at the workplace.

When encouraging its employees and increasing their commitment in industrial activities, OJSC Kubanenergo pays particular attention to their social support. The social programs, benefits and guarantees available in the Company ensure that the Company attracts and retains the most valuable employees, strengthens the loyalty of employees to the Company, and promotes achievement of its goals.

Improvement of the system of moral and material incentives for employees is the most important area of activities of OJSC Kubanenergo. The social policy of OJSC Kubanenergo is based on the Industry Tariff Agreement in the electric power industry of the Russian Federation for 2013-2015, the collective agreement, internal regulations, rules and other local regulations.

As part of the benefits package, employees of the Company receive financial assistance in connection with the birth of a child, registration of marriage, burial of relatives, retirement, emergencies or death of the employee; compensations for child care in preschool institutions are paid, as well as other payments stipulated by the collective agreement.

Being a socially responsible company, OJSC Kubanenergo takes care of its veterans and pensioners. Retired pensioners of OJSC Kubanenergo receive monthly allowances.

In the reporting period, more than 2,600 veterans and pensioners of the Company received various benefits (material assistance on the Victory Day, Power Engineer's Day, monthly financial assistance and financial assistance under applications, etc.) in the total amount of 9,141.95 thousand Rubles.

Amount of funds allocated for the provision of financial assistance to employees and pensioners of OJSC Kubanenergo in 2012-2014., RUB thou





OJSC Kubanenergo




Health care and recreation of employees and their children play an important role in improving performance of the personnel.

This year, 963 tickets were purchased for resort and recreational trips of employees and their families, as well as 327 tickets to children's recreation camps.

Amount of funds allocated for resort and recreational trips of employees of OJSC Kubanenergo and their children in 2012-2014., RUB thou





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OJSC Kubanenergo provides high-quality and timely health care services to its employees through the conclusion of agreements of voluntary health insurance and round the clock insurance of all employees against accidents. In 2014, as a result of an open competition, OJSC Alfa Insurance was selected as the insurer for voluntary health insurance, and OJSC SOGAZ was selected for the insurance of employees against accidents.

In order to improve the social security of employees and develop non-financial incentives, OJSC Kubanenergo develops non-state pension programs. 

Non-state pension programs for employees of the Company are implemented through the Private Pension Fund of the electric power industry. Non-state pension programs are designed to ensure the proper level of welfare of employees having reached the retirement age, creating conditions for effective solution of personnel issues related to the attraction, retention and motivation of personnel.

Taking into account the complexity of the problem of provision of housing to employees, the collective agreement the Company envisages assistance and support in the improvement of their living conditions by providing financial assistance to employees at registration of a mortgage loan and repayment of the related interest. In 2014, 120 employees of the Company received assistance in the improvement of their living conditions for a total amount of 2,137.48 thousand Rubles, including by the following categories of employees: 45 managers, 52 specialists, 23 workers.

In order to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle, OJSC Kubanenergo conducts health and fitness activities and promotes mass sports among the Company employees, providing them with access to a sports infrastructure.

During the XXII Olympic Winter Games and XI Paralympic Winter Games (February to March 2014), JSC Russian Grids jointly with OJSC Kubanenergo organized a volleyball tournament for employees of JSC Russian Grids and its subsidiaries and affiliates serving Sochi power grid facilities in the city of Sochi. The Company's team won the competition.

In November 2014, employees of the Company represented the OJSC Kubanenergo at the IV Open Chess Tournament of Power Engineers in the Memory of M.M. Botvinnik held by JSC Russian Grids jointly with the Russian Chess Federation. Power engineers of Kuban won the third prize at the tournament.

OJSC Kubanenergo provides social support to veterans and retired employees of the Company. In 2014, active work on cooperation with the veteran community was conducted.

In celebration of the 69th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, all 11 branches and the executive office of the Company jointly conducted a historical and memorial event of the Relay of the Victory Banner. Honoring and material support of veterans is an integral part of humanitarian activities of the Company.

In OJSC Kubanenergo, significant attention is paid to activities that bring together and join the team of the Company, thereby improving the corporate culture.

In 2014, the following activities were conducted:

  • celebration of the Day of Defender of the Fatherland;
  • celebration of March 8;
  • honoring of veterans of the Great Patriotic War;
  • celebration of the Children's Day;
  • children's creative contest of Elektrosha Looking for Talents;
  • children's drawing competition of Children Draw the Power Industry;
  • Christmas parties for the children of employees of the Company.

Particular attention is paid to the preparation and celebration of the professional holiday, Power Engineers' Day.

In 2014, the best employees of OJSC Kubanenergo received a total of 2,549 awards for their great contribution to the development of the electric grid complex of Kuban, for long-term and fair work, for their contribution to the preparation and holding of the XXII Olympic Winter Games and XI Paralympic Winter Games of 2014 in Sochi, and for the elimination of consequences of natural disasters, including awards of the President of the Russian Federation, government awards, departmental, regional, sectoral, corporate and intercompany awards, such as:

  • 11 awards of the President of the Russian Federation;
  • 49 government awards of the Russian Federation;
  • 95 departmental awards;
  • 74 regional awards;
  • 100 industry awards (Association of Electric Power Industry Employers);
  • 1,122 corporate awards (of JSC Russian Grids),
  • 1,098 intercompany awards (of OJSC Kubanenergo).

In order to promote professions of the energy sector and involve children of employees of OJSC Kubanenergo in the creative process, yearly traditional competitions of Children Draw the Power Industry and Elektrosha Looking for Talents were conducted. In general for the Company, over 300 children took part in these competitions, 36 of them were awarded with valuable prizes and gifts.

Social work of OJSC Kubanenergo is aimed at the development of social partnership, improving social security of employees and enabling general development of Company.