OJSC Kubanenergo
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Development Prospects

The main task of the Company’s long-term development is to upgrade and expand its electric power infrastructure, which will make it possible to eliminate the existing deficit of energy capacity and establish a foundation for stable development in the long term.

Acting in accordance with Order of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 823 dated October 17, 2009 “On Plans and Programs for Long Term Development of the Electric Power Industry”, OJSC Kubanenergo took a direct part in 2014 in developing:

  • Schemes and Programs for Perspective Development of the Electric Power Industry of the Krasnodar Region for the period through 2019 (approved by the Administration of the Krasnodar Territory on 30.04.2014 at the meeting of the commission (Staff) to ensure the security of power supplies to customers in the Krasnodar Territory),
  • Schemes and Programs for Perspective Development of the Electric Power Industry of the Republic of Adygea for 2014-2018 (approved by Decree of the Minister of Economic Development and Trade of the Republic of Adygea dated 21.07.2014 №174-p).

These Programs are synchronized with the long-term investment program of OJSC FGC UES, which manages the Unified National (All-Russian) electric grid, and meets the basic parameters of the long-term investment program of OJSC Kubanenergo for 2014-2019.

According to the Schemes and Programs, the main focus within the Company's electric grid business will be given to development of the most problematic areas of the Krasnodar Territory and Republic of Adygea – the Sochi, South-West and Central power districts, which need improvement in their electricity infrastructure. Taking into account the planned connection of new consumers under previously signed contracts for technological connection, the Company intends to reduce the number of closed power centers – substations with a shortage of power capacity by at least 10% in all districts of concern.

The priority areas in the field of technological connection will also include:

  • Development of the Temryuk District, including power supplies of electricity loads of the dry cargo region of the Taman sea port and construction loads across the Kerch Strait,
  • The Novorossiysk Industrial Zone;
  • Construction of the Lagonaki Alpine Ski Resort,
  • Elimination of power capacity shortages in large industrial and residential centers of the region – Krasnodar, Novorossiysk, Tuapse, and Greater Sochi.