OJSC Kubanenergo
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Ensuring Quality, Reliable and Uninterrupted Electric Power Supply to Consumers

In order to ensure reliability, quality and uninterrupted power supply to consumers, the Company annually generates and fulfills a program of technical re-equipment, reconstruction, repair and maintenance of power facilities.

In 2014, OJSC Kubanenergo generally fulfilled the main task of improving the efficiency, quality and uninterrupted power supply to consumers.

The Company fulfilled a series of operations for ensuring reliable and accident-free work of its electric grids, including:

  • anti-flooding operations,
  • operations to prepare equipment for the lightning storm season,
  • operations for the fire hazardous period,
  • operations for preparing electricity grids for work in the fall-winter period,
  • operations for preparing the grid for work in extreme high and low outside temperatures.

Preparations for the autumn-winter period of 2014/2015 were carried out on the basis of the Regulation on the verification of availability of electric power industry subjects for the autumn-winter period, approved by Decision No.10 of the Government Commission on the Safety of Power Supply (Federal Headquarters) of 06.07.2012, and organizational administrative documents of the Ministry of Energy of Russia, JSC Russian Grids and OJSC Kubanenergo.

Extensive work on the preparation of the Company for the autumn-winter period resulted in the signing by the commission of the Russian Ministry of Energy of a Certificate of readiness of OJSC Kubanenergo for the autumn-winter period of 2014/2015 and provision of a certificate of readiness to the Company.

Measures performed by OJSC Kubanenergo in preparation for the autumn-winter period of 2014/2015 ensured reliable power supply and prevented massive power outages and long-term interruptions of power supply to consumers. Minor interruptions in power supply to consumers were quickly, accurately and timely eliminated by repair teams.

In order to prevent technological failures and accidents in the reporting year, the Company: 

  • conducted monitoring of major technological failures and accidents that had occurred at power plants over the past 10 years,
  • prepared an action plan for the prevention and elimination of natural and man-made emergency situations,
  • on a quarterly basis analyzes all technological failures and accidents,
  • indicated on the working map of the energy system all areas prone to emergency situations, 
  • developed methodological recommendations for actions in the event of ice loads and floods,
  • concluded agreements on cooperation in emergency situations with 51 municipalities of the Krasnodar Territory and the Republic of Adygea,
  • held 40 command and staff trainings (drills), 84 site trainings, 16 special tactical drills and one complex drill on the prevention and elimination of technological failures and accidents at power plants with the participation of 3,395 employees of the Company.

The Company allocated special forces and resources for rapid elimination of technological failures and accidents:

  • constant readiness:  68 operational mobile teams, 216 staff, and 84 cars and machinery,
  • high alert: 272 rescue and recovery teams, 980 staff, and 492 units cars and machinery,          
  • mobile teams:  22 units, 128 staff, 53 units of cars and special teams
  • 74 light towers,
  • 112 mobile diesel power plants with total capacity of 11,040.5 kW.

The emergency reserve established by the Company is staffed at 100%.