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Environmental Protection

OJSC Kubanenergo supplies to its customers the most efficient and environmentally friendly form of energy, electricity, and produces various impacts on the environment. The environmental management system of the Company is focused on reducing the negative impact on the environment and ensuring environmental safety of grid facilities.

In 2014, environmental activities were planned based on the priority of environmental aspects in accordance with the goals established in the Environmental Policy of OJSC Kubanenergo aimed at ensuring compliance with the environmental legislation, reasonable management of natural resources, technological upgrades and gradual decommissioning of outdated equipment with its replacement by more environmentally safe devices.

All activities planned for 2014 were successfully implemented. under the Program for Implementation of the Environmental Policy of the Company, including:

  • regulatory documents on types of negative impacts were updated with obtaining of corresponding permits;
  • the required amount of laboratory measurements were performed as part of the production environmental monitoring of compliance with standards for emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere from various emission sources, as well as of the quality of storm water entering water bodies and the terrain;   
  • production control was carried out in the field of ​​production and consumption waste management in the territory of location of offices of the Company;
  • the fee for a negative impact on the environment was paid in full and in due time;
  • KRUN 6-10 cells with oil circuit breakers were replaced with environmentally safer cells with vacuum circuit breakers;
  • SK type storage batteries were replaced with more advanced 16 GroE 150, 16 GroE 400, OP-10, OP-12 type batteries, the service life of which more than doubled, thus reducing the amount of waste generated and its disposal costs;
  • 14.36 tons of decommissioned used CS1 and CS2 type capacitors (extremely hazardous waste containing trichlorobiphenyl) were transferred for fisposal to OJSC Kuprit (Kirov);
  • 9 units of vehicles and machinery were replaced, upon expiry of their rated service life, with new vehicles meeting EURO-3 standards;
  • repairs of the emergency transformer oil collection and removal system (suction pipes, oil drains and sumps) was performed at 277 substations, including to ensure environmental safety of grid facilities;
  • internal environmental audits were conducted at the branches and executive bodies of the Company, resulting in the development of measures aimed at improving the environmental management system and prevention of negative environmental impacts.

   In the process of eco-oriented reconstruction, which resulted in a reduction of anthropogenic load on the environment in accordance with the Stockholm Convention on elimination in production and non-use of persistent organic pollutants, 283 units of equipment containing trichlorobiphenyl were decommissioned.   

In compliance with the requirements of environmental legislation, the Company annually ensures training and retraining of personnel in the field of environmental protection and ecological safety. In the reporting year, managers and specialists of OJSC Kubanenergo were trained under the following programs:

  • Professional training for the right to work with hazardous waste, 46 people;
  • Ensuring environmental safety at electric grid facilities, 11 people;

Problems and practical applications of the current environmental legislation, 15 people.

Costs for fulfilling the Ecological Policy Program, RUR thou

Затраты на выполнение мероприятий. Программы реализации экологической политики

The annual spring event was conducted simultaneously with the All-Russian Ecological Clean-Up of "Green Spring". The event included cleaning and landscaping of the territories of municipalities of the Krasnodar Territory and the Republic of Adygea controlled by the Company in the framework of the environmental action of Russian Grids Group of Companies.

In total, 500 seedlings of various species of trees and shrubs were planted in parks, alleys, forest park zones and in the territories of branches of the Company. The event was attended by more than 500 employees of OJSC Kubanenergo.